• Today in Labor History
    July 27, 1919
    Coal miner and labor leader Albert Ginger Goodwin is shot and killed by Canadian police. Although he had been ruled unfit for military service during World War I because he had lung disease, the conscription board reversed its decision just days after Goodwin led smelter workers on strike for the eight-hour day. Opposed to the war, Goodwin fled and for months avoided capture by the authorities. His death inspired Canada's first general strike on August 2 in Vancouver.
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  • Can State Governments Save Local Newspapers?
    Posted On: Jun 14, 2021
    June 14, 2021 | PUBLISHING | Newspapers across America are in peril, particularly small and midsized ones. The collapse of the traditional advertising model has caused upheaval across the industry. Since 2004, more than 2,000 newsrooms across the country have closed, most of them weeklies. The pandemic only exacerbated the problem. At least 70 newsrooms have shuttered since March 2020, according to the Poynter Institute. Most recently, Alden Global Capital, a hedge fund famous for exploiting struggling papers, gained shareholder approval to buy Tribune Publishing—an ominous sign for the papers under the company’s umbrella-like the Chicago Tribune and the Baltimore Sun. Yet amid closures and consolidation, some papers have found survival strategies. A benevolent billionaire could take ownership, as was the case for the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post. A newspaper could become a nonprofit, like the Salt Lake City Tribune. There are even mixed models where a paper is owned by a nonprofit, as with the Philadelphia Inquirer. But a staff reporter at the Hampshire Gazette in Northampton, Massachusetts, and his colleagues are among those charting a different path to save their newspaper—lobbying their state government for support…Washington Monthly
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