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    July 27, 1919
    Coal miner and labor leader Albert Ginger Goodwin is shot and killed by Canadian police. Although he had been ruled unfit for military service during World War I because he had lung disease, the conscription board reversed its decision just days after Goodwin led smelter workers on strike for the eight-hour day. Opposed to the war, Goodwin fled and for months avoided capture by the authorities. His death inspired Canada's first general strike on August 2 in Vancouver.
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    • Local and National News

      Members approve merger with Teamsters Local 355
      July 19, 2021 | (UpdatedFollowing months of uncertainty about the paper's future, and its recent sale to Alden Global, Local 888 mailers voted unanimously Thursday, July 15, to approve a merger with Teamsters Local 355. The Baltimore Sun’s drivers and pressmen are also members of Local 355.“Despite the changes we've endured over the years, we held on as long as we could,” said Larry Geho, Local 888 president. “Alden Global's recent buyout offers coming so soon after its takeover and ahead of what is sure to be more layoffs, isn't good news for our Local. Our numbers have dropped to just 45 full-time mailers.” Geho has accepted a buyout and will retire. In discussions with Local 355 about the future of 888, Geho predicted his members would feel better merging with Local 355, allowing them to continue Teamster representation. “This is an unfortunate reality, but not one we are unaccustomed to,” said Denis Taylor, Local 355 President. “We’ve represented the Sun drivers for more than 50 years, and seven years ago, its pressmen merged with our Local. Now with you, we've come full circle.” The merger with the 6,000-member Local Union is expected to be completed by August 31, 2021. Until then, Local 888 members can continue to contact Geho for information and assistance.

      Older news items can be viewed at 888 News.

      Elsewhere in The News

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      July 20, 2021 | COMMENTARY | The United States is at a critical juncture. This summer, Congress has a narrow window of opportunity to enact major investments in clean energy and transportation infrastructure to meet the bold vision called for in President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan (AJP). Congress has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to both rebuild the fabric of our economy, improve job quality for American workers, and prevent the worst impacts of climate change. To fulfill the promises of President Biden’s Build Back Better plan, Congress must pass the full scope of AJP which includes a commitment to setting and enforcing labor standards that turns the calls for “good, union jobs” into the actual creation and retention of them. American workers deserve that commitment. … Inside Sources

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